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To guide, accompany and offer opportunities for students to carry out a successful process of research, application and choice of career and university, facilitating the identification of programs that are in line with their interests, strengths, goals and dreams.

What will we work on?

The "College Link ECP" program aims to accompany and guide students and parents who have doubts or wish to obtain more information about careers, universities, application processes and others.

Below you will find an overview of some of the functions:

  • Support students in the process of researching colleges, completing applications, essay writing and other requirements.

  • Conduct group workshops and provide individual appointments to work on related topics.

  • Coordinate and monitor the submission of all school documentation required by colleges once requested.

  • Write letters of recommendation when requested by the student, and coordinate the corresponding teacher recommendations (with the established minimum request time).

  • Maintain a calendar of related activities in Panama City (university fairs, conferences and resources) and report university representatives' visits to El Colegio de Panama.

  • Guide students from ninth grade onwards, regarding actions to take year after year, to prepare for college.

  • Guide students regarding standardized tests such as SAT/ACT, TOEFL, etc.

Ceeb Code

College Board is the largest association in the United States that annually connects millions of students with thousands of partner colleges and is the developer of the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT® and Advanced Placement Program®.

The College Board has assigned El Colegio de Panama a high school ceeb code. The "ceeb code" allows the immediate identification of an educational institution in a country to universities abroad.

College Link Flowchart

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