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Diovert Kirsch

Academic Coordinator

The Colegio de Panamá is an educational institution that offers opportunities for the comprehensive, academic, technological and social development of our students so that they are successful in their university and professional life. Secondary education includes the levels of tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade, the latter two being the Baccalaureate of Sciences and the Baccalaureate of Humanities.

Our curriculum develops 21st century skills so our students can succeed in today's world. It is based on the training of leaders through research methodology in a collaborative process to transform the design of enriching learning activities for students;

using rubrics to identify and understand opportunities with a clear vision and transformation objectives.

The Baccalaureate of Sciences focuses on scientific subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, while the Baccalaureate of Humanities focuses on the area of business including subjects of Business, Social Communication, and Fine Arts.

In addition, students develop critical and creative thinking with the construction of knowledge,

self-regulation and innovation and the use of ICT for learning.


Our students actively participate in different activities, such as: Debate, Sports, Theater, Social Commitment, and in external programs facilitated by the School.

The graduates of El Colegio de Panamá, thanks to our zeal and academic rigor, have managed to be admitted to prestigious universities in North America and Europe, in countries such as the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and Amsterdam.

Weekly High School Program

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