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Marta Cardoze

Academic Coordinator

At our Preschool we believe that the basis of learning is curiosity and social-affective skills. Thanks to neurosciences, we know that a motivated brain learns better. We have a friendly environment that respects the rhythm and learning style of children, which invites our young students to explore and develop their

creativity and their natural interest in learning, while stimulating various skills and competencies that lead them to achieve important development milestones.

Among the skills we work on are:

We have a teaching team highly trained in pedagogical and methodological strategies that stimulate the integral learning of our students through recreational activities that develop imagination, observation, exploration, and analysis.


Our academic offering is complemented by a robust values and leadership program, where our students learn to coexist with their peers through collaborative work and respect for diversity.

Fine Motors


Gross Motor



Soft Skills

Weekly Preschool Program

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