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1. What are the key responsibilities of students, parents, and the college counselor in the international application process?

Students: Conduct research on universities and programs, ask for letters of recommendation in advance, register for tests, fill out applications, meet deadlines, and communicate admissions decisions to the counselor.

College Counselor: Offer guidance on universities and careers, manage the sending of school documentation to universities, oversee the application process of the student, provide reminders and information on college events, write reports or recommendations when requested, and others.

Parents: Discuss budget, assist with financial forms, pay application fees, help manage deadlines, read essay applications, provide emotional support to balance pressure, and stay involved in the process.

2. What are the steps involved in requesting letters of recommendation from teachers?

  • The student must first contact the college counselor María Alejandra Palacios to discuss which individuals from the school will be requested to write the letters based on factors like the chosen career and performance in class.

  • Then, the student should complete the "Request for Letters of Recommendation" form for each teacher individually, ensuring to include their curriculum vitae highlighting extracurricular activities and achievements.

  • Finally, the student must personally consult with the teacher to confirm their willingness to write the letter and submit the completed form at least 3 weeks before the deadline.

3. How are letters of recommendation handled for confidentiality and submission to universities?

Letters of recommendation are kept confidential between colleges to maintain credibility and trust. They are sent directly to the institution via platforms like the Common Application, email, or other corresponding methods. Letters are not shared with the student or parents.

4. What is the process for requesting transcripts?

The student or parent completes the "Request for Official Documents" form and submits it to the office of the Assistant Director. If the transcript is required for university application purposes, it is highly recommended that the counselor is informed.

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