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Alexandra Docati

Academic Subdirector

El Colegio de Panamá offers a non-traditional educational model focused on each student. Based on our values: Value, Learn and Grow, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our teachers and educational practices following high international standards.

This commitment is the driving force that drives us to innovate every day to offer our students countless opportunities that allow them to explore various areas of knowledge such as: humanities, science, technology, art, among others, through modern methodologies; so that they develop their maximum potential.

Our program is inclusive, in which each individual achieves at his or her own pace. Based on the strengths of each student, we work to improve other areas for positive and transformative learning. The teaching of values, leadership and tools for managing emotions are transversal axes of the instruction we offer, as we recognize that they are the foundation for a productive and happy life.


The academic team is at the entire disposal of each family so that each of our students enjoys the best educational experience in these important years of their development as a human being.

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